About Life Love and Health

The Life, Love and Health Team

Patron - Kevin Bailey is the former Honorary Consul General for Timor-Leste in Victoria. He is the head of Philanthropic Services for Shadforth Financial Group. Kevin is also a director of Empart International and a Council member of Opportunity International. He was a director of Action Aid Australia and The Xanana Vocational Education Trust. He was also a former director of the Financial Planning Association. He is currently a member of the Investment Advisory Board of the Petroleum Fund of Timor-Leste, managing over $13 billion of their Petroleum Royalties. Kevin was awarded a Williamson Fellowship by Leadership Victoria in 1999 and was a recipient of the 2006 Fellows Community Leadership Award. He has been made a Paul Harris Fellow by Rotary International. Earlier in his career, Kevin served with the SAS Regiment in the Australian Army. He is married to Grace and they have seven children aged from seven to 24 years.

LL&H Committee

President - John Gosling OAM - Family man (wife Chris) with eight children and 14 grandchildren. Professional career - 42 years with Guide Dogs Victoria as Guide Dog Mobility Instructor and in Senior Managerial role. Awarded Order of Australia Medal for services to people who are blind and visually impaired, particularly in Guide Dog Mobility and Pets as Therapy programs. National Serviceman and served in Vietnam with 6th Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment in 1969/70. Travelled to Timor-Leste on seven occasions.

Vice President - Dan Findlay - Co-founder of Life, Love and Health. Both the name LL&H and the idea of particularly assisting in Timor-Leste came to Dan and like all of our volunteers, he has poured countless hours into supporting projects to improve livelihoods in Timor-Leste. Dan is a CFP Financial Planner and has been on several trips to Timor-Leste since LL&H was founded in late 2002. Dan has also been instrumental in the establishment of some Sister-City Friendship relationships between a few Australian and Timor-Leste cities and towns.

Treasurer – Luke Sullivan - is a Chartered Accountant, who studied Commerce at the University of Melbourne and began working in the audit division of KPMG in 2005. He was admitted to the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Australia in 2007. Luke has a keen interest in birds and environmental conservation and has provided articles in the past to birding journals. Luke looks forward to visiting Timor-Leste in the near future.

Volunteer Coordinator and former Country Director - Luke Gosling OAM - Co-founded Life, Love and Health after a visit to Timor-Leste to celebrate the Restoration of Independence in May 2002. Luke co-produced the film 'Debt of Honor' which aired on Channel 9 on Anzac Day 2005. Luke was the Country Director from Life, Love and Health's inception, monitoring Life, Love and Health's partnered projects for 10 years. Luke was awarded the Order of Australia in 2006 and the Timor-Leste Presidential Medal of Merit in 2009 for humanitarian service.

Communications Manager - Loretta Walshe - Currently the Communications Manager for Deaf Children Australia. Loretta has worked in public relations and fundraising for Guide Dogs Victoria, Red Cross, CARE Australia, Kildonan UnitingCare, Austin & Repatriation Hospitals, Rural Health Workforce Australia, CatholicCare and the Cancer Council Victoria. She and her husband Paul Grech run their own design and communications business and have two young children.

Committee Member - Jill Forsyth - Retired midwife and businesswoman. Enjoys family life with husband, three adult children, and grandchildren. Following a lifetime of community service in local communities, through kindergartens, schools, music, sport and Rotary, Jill now enjoys supporting grassroots groups and activities in East Timor and PNG. Through sharing her own resources, she enjoys developing opportunities to create sustainable employment, education and training for young men and women. Highlights have included the Alola Maternity Pack project, the Baucau soap producers and the recycled paper enterprise Kor Timor. Jill is also a Board member of, ISHRA, Kor Timor, and founding board member of Alola Australia.

Committee Member - Ana Saldanha - Born in Dili, Timor-Leste. Ana left for Portugal in 1975 and then in 1976, moved to Mozambique where she remained until 1987. Ana then moved to Australia and has worked for the Defence Force School of Languages (DFSL) since 1999, delivering training in the Tetum-Praça Language, Culture & History of Timor-Leste and Portuguese when required. This year (2013) Ana was appointed as Acting Assessment Office for DFSL looking after all the assessments related to CBT (Competency Based Training). She is also on the Tetum Panel for the National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters. Ana holds a Masters in Applied Linguistics from the University of Melbourne.

In 2011, Ana became part of the Board at the ETHF (East Timor Heart Fund) as a patient support coordinator. The ETHF is a new medical aid fund providing life-saving heart surgery in Australia for young East Timorese people.

What is Life, Love and Health?
Life, Love and Health (LLH) is a volunteer based, Australian registered charity committed to community development in Timor-Leste. Our grassroots projects assist the Timorese people to address their fundamental needs and aspirations as they move forward through difficult challenges to their independent future.
Our Vision
To be a dynamic volunteer community development organisation for Timor-Leste that builds Timorese capacity and improves livelihoods and connections between our two countries.
Our Mission
To provide grassroots community development opportunities with our Timorese partners in order to improve the lives of this and future generations of Timorese.

Our Values

• We act with Integrity and Compassion.
• We promote Timorese Leadership and Capacity.
• We encourage engagement and partnership between communities and groups.
• We acknowledge the cultural identity of the Timorese people and our shared history.
• We value our volunteer commitment.
• We work towards a positive and secure future for our communities.

Life, Love and Health was founded in 2002 by Dan Findlay and Luke Gosling. The initial aims of LL&H were both modest and ambitious - to make a difference in the newest country in the world, and the poorest in Asia, as it struggled to rebuild after the destruction of 1999. LL&H aimed to do this by building the indigenous capacity for development through supporting the work of national Non-Government Organisations (NGOs).

For example, Life, Love & Health contributed significantly to the work of the Alola Foundation. Maternal health, including infant and maternal mortality, were and continue to be some of the most significant health issues in Timor-Leste. In addition, the convergence of a broad range of social and economic factors make the lives of women incredibly difficult in Timor-Leste. The Alola Foundation, championed by founder and former First Lady Kirsty Sword Gusmao, works in many ways to support women and children in attaining better health and better lives.

Through the early years of 2003/04, LL&H also sought to increase awareness of the difficulties still faced by the Timorese people through projects that both sought to strengthen links between our two countries while also raising funds. We focused on supporting orphanages, traditional handicrafts projects and the maternal health work of the Alola Foundation.

Through the conduct of grassroots projects in Timor-Leste, LL&H has strengthened our ties with other Timorese NGOs that work hard to develop their country and strengthen civil society. They not only provide services and support for communities but also provide employment, particularly for youth, which is such an issue in Timor-Leste today.

Humanitarian Assistance
During April-July 2006, Timor-Leste and particularly the capital city of Dili was in crisis. The increases in ethnic tensions eventually led to widespread civil disorder. Eventually, there was a relative stabilisation created by the arrival of an Australian led International Stabilisation Force.

During this difficult period over 150,000 Timorese were internally displaced into camps or churches or returned to the Districts where it remained relatively safe. These movements of people and the general security situation led to widespread food shortages and LL&H moved from a community development role to focus on an emergency humanitarian aid response.

There was an urgent need to provide assistance to the men, women and children who had fled their homes in fear and while most of the international aid agency staff were evacuated, our on the ground team stayed to help. ??LL&H worked with the Timorese Government and partners such as the International Organisation for Migration and the UN World Food Program to distribute food, water, medicines and basic essentials to the displaced and dispossessed.

John and Luke Gosling

Life, Love and Health now partners with several NGOs in a wide range of programs including:

• Water and Sanitation
• School Construction
• Maternal Health Care
• Support of Handicraft Groups
• Youth Agricultural Training
• Facilitation and Liaison for other NGOs in Timor-Leste

LL&H Partnerships
LL&H is partnered with Australian Foundation for Asia and the Pacific, AFAP.