Our Projects in Timor-Leste

2013 Projects:

  • Partnered with Guide Dogs Queensland and the Royal Australian College of Surgeons to provide a range of Low Vision aids to be freely distributed through the Timor- Leste National Eye Clinic. Bashir Ebrahim OAM, Rehabilitation Services Manager, Guide Dogs Queensland, has provided on-site low vision education and assessment and low vision mobility training to Timorese children and adults who are severely visually impaired.
  • Bashir Ebrahim with the Schweizer equipment. The kit contains a selection of Ergo-Lux illuminated hand magnifiers, LED illuminated stand magnifiers, Ego-Base with fixed-focus holders, LED illuminated stand magnifiers plus high power lenses for testing, multi light led Mobil light, in addition to a few other individual pieces. This equipment will be donated through the National Eye Clinic in Dili to the Timorese who are severely visually impaired or have low vision.

  • Supported the Hera Kids Ark School with the construction and renovation of classrooms for children who have special needs.

2012 Projects:

  • Completed the additional Classroom at the Kid's Ark School in Hera
  • Facilitated the donation of an Electroboard "Smart Board" to the Kid's Ark School
  • Donated of 8 boxes of medical consumables (no medications) including: bandages, dressings, latex gloves to the Sidara Clinic in Hera
  • Donated of an Abney (Engineering) Level to our Community Development partner Hamoris Timor Oan
  • Facilitated of a consultant to work for the Moonee Valley City Council (MVCC) to plan their next steps with the Liquisa District Sister City relationship, (Internet services and sports fields)
  • Provided in-kind Support to AFL Timor-Leste in the form of support of their International game in Darwin and work with the AFL and Aust Volunteers International to get an AVI stationed with the AFLT-L in Dili
2011 Projects:

Sidara Clinic
  • Established a pack up power system (Battery Run) for the Sidara Clinic Birthing Centre so that women would no longer have to give birth under candle light.
  • Provision of equipment for Volunteer Doctor including: baby resus equipment, blood pressure monitor, Doctors bag and assorted baby clothes, bedding and equipment.
  • Established permculture gardens at the Clinic.
Hera Primary School
  • Provided a Water Purifyer so that the kids could drink the tap water.
  • Established permaculture gardens and chicken coops for the provision of fresh food for the School Feeding Program as well as for teaching the children some aspects of animal care and vegetable garden care.
  • Established a shade over the playground to keep the children out of the direct sun whilst they enjoy the use of the schools facilities.
2010 Christmas Appeal

During 2009 and 2010 our projects in Timor-Leste have included:
  • Building an additional three classrooms at the Garianna Primary School, Liquica.
  • Funding consultancies from the Bali School for the Blind to provide mentoring and capacity building to Fuan Nabilan visually impaired children and NGO staff.
  • Re-roofing the Milking Shed at the Fui Loro Agricultural Training Centre, Lautem.
  • Provided equipment and back up power system to the Sidara Clinic and equipment and educational materials to the Primary School in Hera.
  • renovating and extending toilets and food preparation rooms at Fuan Nabilan, in Same, Manufahi.

Between 2002 and 2008 with the generous support of our Australian members and volunteers we have:
  • Funded the Director of Fuan Nabilan to attend a 6 week short course at the Bali School for the Blind
  • Built an additional three classrooms, meeting room, internal & external toilets at Ossolequimeta Junior High School in Viqueque
  • Supported the Street Youth Project and helped get the Timor-Leste team to the Homeless World Cup in Melbourne
  • Provided emergency humanitarian support during the 2006 Crisis in the Dili, Liquica and Manatuto Districts
  • Completed water supply projects in the village of Ossoliquimeta, Viquque and the Laura Vicuna Orphanage, Laga
  • Provided Youth Agricultural Training Courses and conducted rehabilitation of the Laho Silk Worm Rearing Shed for handicrafts production at Laho, Triloca
  • Provided consultancy for building of public toilets at Beloi, on Atauro Island
  • Filmed, edited and produced a Maternal Health and Breastfeeding Promotion video which has been shown in all districts throughout Timor-Leste
  • Provided financial support to Alola Foundation’s Maternal and Child Health Programs
  • Donated maternity equipment to the National Hospital, Dili
  • Hosted three international Multi-Sports Events as part of the Timor Challenge in Dili, Lautem and Bobonaro Districts
  • Organised community activities and concerts to celebrate the 2nd Anniversary of self-government
  • Completed various projects in support of the Hope Orphanage, Gleno
  • Provided consultancy for Metinaro School Building, Metinaro
  • Fundraised for the Balibo House Trust which rehabilitated the infamous Balibo ‘Flag’ House as a museum and community centre in Bobonaro